Renegotiate Mortgage Rates

Renegotiating interest rates on a mortgage is one of several options available to property owners who want to keep their houses but have problems paying. It sounds simple, yet a lot of borrowers in trouble with mortgage payments never consider the possibility when it comes to renegotiating home loan rates. Most people consider refinancing their home mortgage to take advantage of lower interest rates and reduce their monthly mortgage payment. Refinancing a mortgage means paying off your old mortgage and signing a contract for a new loan. Whether to refinance your mortgage is a difficult question to answer. It might be possible to renegotiate your mortgage at a lower interest rate with your current lender, usually for a set fee. Renegotiating a mortgage is technically not refinancing, but it is an amendment to your existing mortgage. Although the interest rate may not be as low as the current refinancing rate, renegotiating can save you money because you pay no closing costs.


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